Welcome to the current home of Gutwallow the Gingerbread Man and any other crazy ideas that I'll be getting over the next six years (that's when this domain name is up for renewal, anyways). I let the Gutwallow domain name fade into the ether because my e-mail address had become so fouled up with Spam that it got to the point where I was ready to Hulk-out every time I opened Mailwasher. So much Spam, in fact, that if I didn't check my mail for 24 hours, the amount of junk in there would choke the mail server and all of my mail would have to be deleted to revive it - including the e-mail that I needed to do bidness with you kind folks! Thus, Gutwallow the site is dead and gone, but Gutwallow the character remains alive and well and will return with a pretty exciting project a bit down the line. Wahoo!

If you need to reach me, I went and got a spiffy Yahoo e-mail address, as their Spam filters seem to work pretty well. So my current public e-mail addy is now

Oh... if you're looking for the wine critic Dan Berger and you haven't guessed by now - that ain't me. I drink beer. The only wine that I consume is called Love My Goat, which runs like eight bucks a bottle and is only about 2 steps beyond grape juice. So if it's wine you seek, go hit


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